Short Term Projects

  • Annual medical mission trips with doctors and nurses from North America to Nejo, Oromia, Ethiopia.
  • Train midwives from four hospitals and two clinics/health centers in West Oromia on how to use hand held Ultrasound* to detect abnormal pregnancy.

Long Term Projects

  • Breathing For Life
    Develop a program and purchase/install appropriate equipment to improve the effectiveness of Oxygen resources, delivery and reduction in need. It will establish an appropriate economic model to ensure sustainability of the program. The program will be based at Nejo hospital and serve five hospitals and about two million people in Western Oromia Region. This endeavor is a Rotary Foundation’s Global grant project and will raise ≈ $184,000 USD over 2 years to develop & implement the program including training and purchase, installation of equipment.
  • Diagnostic Center
    There is a strong need for a modern Diagnostic Center to serve the W. Oromia Region. It will be the first one of it’s kind in the area and will be part of the Nejo Hospital complex. It is planned to be built by 2020.

*All ultrasounds will be purchased by people who were born in the cities we are serving and currently reside in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.