Here’s what we’ve accomplished!

First trip to Nejo, with an American nurse from California – donated one box of medical supplies/equipment and medications, educated and trained nurses at Nejo hospital on infection prevention.

Medical mission trip with an Adult Cardiologist that treated a lot of patients with heart diseases.
Three boxes of medical equipment’s/supplies donated.

Traveled to Nejo with Interventional Cardiologist and a nurse from California – screened and treated over ninety-two patients and identified about sixteen children with congenital heart disease that will require an open-heart surgery.
Shipped a forty foot container full of donated medical equipment and supplies.

Took three children to India for life saving heart surgery.

‘Cataract and Cleft Lip Campaign’ at Nejo hospital in collaboration with an organization called Here4them. One-hundred and seventy cataract surgeries and thirteen cleft lip surgeries were performed at Nejo hospital.
Trained nurses at Nejo, Gimbi and Begi hospitals on infection prevention guidelines.

Fistula and Uterine Prolapse surgery campaign, cataract and cleft lip surgery campaign, screening children under sixteen years old for congenital heart disease.