We are a team of passionate and ambitious people. Our skills range from the medical profession to marketing and communication managers, but our goal is the same. We want to build a quality and sustainable medical network that is responsive the to needs of the people of the Oromia region of Ethiopia.


Obse Lubo, RN, BSN
Registered Nurse at Stanford University Medical Center
Board Member and International Projects Chair, Castro Valley Rotary Club

Obse Lubo is a Registered Nurse at Stanford University Medical Center, California. Born and raised in the city of Nejo, Oromia region in Ethiopia, Obse came to the United States in 2000. Obse moved to Minnesota where she finished high school and then graduated from the University of St. Catherine with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing.

Her passion for nursing emanates from lived experiences growing up in a Nejo, where death due to preventable and treatable infectious diseases was common. In 2009, only two years in her career as a Nurse, Obse began organizing annual medical mission trips to Nejo hospital with groups of nurses and doctors from Northern California. Obse would travel to Nejo to work with local health care staff building capacity, training, health education on disease prevention and intervention.

In 2012, she founded the East African Medical Relief Foundation (EAMRF) to establish a quality and sustainable medical network that is responsive to the needs of the underserved, vulnerable people of the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Since her first trip, Obse has taken of team of health care professionals on 7 medical mission trips, held 100+ hours of training, and has treated thousands of patients. She considers EAMRF a service to the people that helped raise and shape her to be who she is today. Obse looks forward to seeing EAMRF scale up and continue to impact one city, one hospital, one soul at a time.


Dr. Heidi Hausauer, DDS
Castro Valley Rotary Club President
Castro Valley, CA

Etenesh Benti
Board Member of Northern California Oromo Self Help Association (NCOSHA)
Richmond, CA

Graham Pierce, BS, MICP, FP-C,CCP-C, TP-C
Director for PHI Air Medical.
Founding member of Medical Relief Foundation
Phoenix, Arizona
Bill Nott, PE
Mechanical Engineer, Retired,
CA License 24488
Castro Valley, CA
Dwight Perry
Owner of Pinthis
Past District Governor of Rotary Club
Castro Valley, CA

Mardaasa Addisu, Chemical Engineer
National Supply Chain Engineer at Airgas
Los Angeles, CA


Richard Anderson
Rediate Tekeste
Kelelaye Emiru


North California Chapter
Etenesh Benti
Keno Yadata
Abdissa Birru

Minnesota Chapter
Samuel Amanuel
Rammy Mohamed
Ephraim Olani
Robsan Itana
Dawit Baisa
Watti Asfaw